Pierre Marcolini Mini Easter Eggs

I remember trying a couple of these mini eggs out when I visited the Pierre Marcolini factory last month and absolutely loved them. But what about in the cold light of day away from the staff watching my reactions?

Pierre Marcolini Mini Easter Eggs Packaging

When the top of the box is removed and the paper that wrap the contents is separated you’ll find a lovely line of ten chocolate mini eggs which look a darn site more enjoyable than the Cadbury’s Mini Eggs the nation is seemingly obsessed with.

Pierre Marcolini Mini Easter Eggs Inside

The first to pass my lips was the lightest of the five, a milk chocolate praline that only gave a slight hint of flavour just as his selection box does. Pierre doesn’t over-do flavour, but reward perceptive tasters with clean, unhindered flavours. With this praline the hazelnut and saline flavour just peaks above the milk chocolate – and that’s how pralines should be. They shouldn’t taste like peanut butter.

I couldn’t quite place the flavour of the next, perhaps it was a mild almonds? The difference between this and the others is that this is a solid mini egg, unlike the filled ones that we seem hawked around this time of year. This is another that leaves you wanted for more, it takes you to the edge, but keeps bringing you back. So not fair.

The third was the one that got the greatest reaction on the tour. It has a strong almond paste in one half and more subtle flavours in the other. And this is what I love most about Pierre’s chocolate: the fine balance of flavours. Each sense is matched perfectly and seen as a whole, but strangely as they melt there’s Advocat tone. They’re intoxicating and delightful, and I just want more.

The fourth was another praline, but this had a more of a mild, flat, flavour that didn’t peak in the same sense as the first. I couldn’t tell you if they were in fact the same filling, or if the difference just comes from the darker shell, but this was just another I thought were delightful.

The last was considerably more bitter, not only from the dark chocolate shell, but from the darker ganache filling in one half which works against the praline in the other. The flavour when tasted in combination gives it a medium-rare steak tone which I’ve never experienced in chocolate before. This was stranger than the others, and although it wasn’t my favourite, it was still very pleasant.

Overall I’m not the greatest praline fan, but these aren’t as salty or extreme as the other’s I’ve reviewed, instead Pierre opts for the subtle approach and that’s what makes these mini eggs so enjoyable. The only down-side is that I don’t think you can buy these from their Pierre Marcolini e-Boutique, but you may be able to buy them from Selfridges in store?

Quick Rating
  • 75% – still very nice, but I prefer his Palet Fins


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