Pierre Marcolini Fazenda São Pedro

Pierre Marcolini Fazenda São Pedro

And here we have another bar of one of my favourite chocolate makers Pierre Marcolini. The main reason I like what he does is that the chocolate always produces unusual and unique flavours, but also I like what he does due to the fact that he’ll located cocoa beans from plantations and co-operatives that other fine chocolate makers just don’t get. Many obtain the same beans from the same plantations and make very similar chocolate. This is obviously as a result of their comparative lack of purchasing power so one shouldn’t be too harsh. But similarly there is something great about having a bar of chocolate where you know nothing about its provenance.

The beans for this bar originate from the Fazenda São Pedro plantation which Google maps places in the Minas Gerais state of Brazil; however the packaging indicates that the chocolate originates from Bahia state.  Putting that aside the chocolate is made from the most common, and frequently disparaged cocoa bean variant: Forastero. This typically is seen as the bar that has the least interesting flavour and trying this bar and comparing it to the other Pierre Marcolini bars I’d have to say it’s my least favourite.

To me this bar is the processed cheese type of chocolate compared to the intense Cheddar or Roquefort cheese that are his other bars. Even though the chocolate has been kept in the same environment as the others, I found it very cold and placid. There was hardly any aroma emanating from it, just as processed cheese doesn’t.  Even though the melt was very pleasant there wasn’t much else to concentrate as I chewed.

There’s a complete lack of flavour, other than that of the Tahitian vanilla. Perhaps there’s just the slightest hint of stewed prunes but that’s about it. If you had a loved one that says they hate dark chocolate and you wanted to trick them I’d certainly give them this bar as they will be surprised to find out how dark chocolate, even at the 78% cocoa solids level can vary so much.

Having tried other more robust Pierre Marcolini chocolate at cocoa solids less than this which have assaulted my taste buds, it was a great shock to find some chocolate that was almost completely devoid of flavour. This bar is a miracle of the chocolate world. The texture is fabulous, it’s just there’s not enough flavour for my liking.


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