Pierre Marcolini 85% Dark Chocolate From Peru

Pierre Marcolini 85% Dark Chocolate From Peru Packaging

A couple of months ago I had the pleasure of sharing some time with Pierre Marcolini and bagging some tablettes and other goodies such as his selection box as well as a gorgeous box of Palets Fins and Saveurs du Monde, but now we’re onto a completely different affair: what I initially thought was a very robust, powerful single estate dark chocolate bar.

Pierre Marcolini 85% Dark Chocolate - It got a bit broken!

This bar is made with Criollo Blanco which could well be the original Criollo cacao specimen and harvested from the Las Pampas ‘plantation’ and when I first tried it last month it was very intense, but having left it over Easter the character has changed dramatically.

Before there was a strong Marmite character but now it its completely changed. Now there are delicate honey and walnut notes and perhaps some edge of dusty bookshops. But most definitely honey followed by Amaretto at the end of the melt. There’s hardly any acidity there at all, maybe a touch before the Amaretto kicks in, but it’s a great deal more subtle than I expected. This leaves me wondering where I can place it in terms of the other chocolate of this ilk, and to be honest I don’t know. I love the uniqueness of the flavours and how at the 85% cacao level it stays clear of the acidity and moves into a natural sweetness that comes from the vanilla and sugar, but part of me wishes it still had the punch the first pass taste.

The aroma, though, is sensational. It’s wondefullyfragrant and joyful. It smells of a beautiful women in summer, a women with a natural glow and confidence with it. I could hold this bar to my nose all day – it’s incredibly intoxicating.

I did, however, find the initial melt a touch dry. I’ve not had any massive variation in temperature in my office so I can’t blame it so much on the environment – although I did have it in hand luggage on my return from Belgium so the dry air in the plain may have not helped. But on the same token it doesn’t come across as highly polished, more natural and less refined. As you add more saliva to the mix then it does hold together well but still doesn’t seem to push the flavours around the mouth as I’d expect. Instead they roll gently around with slight wafts of flavour.

This is a fascinating bar. It’s not pretentious, it doesn’t conform to any stereotype, and it just offers a delightfully unique experience which is radically different from most bars I’ve tried at this cocoa solids level.

Where To Buy Limited Edition 85% Dark Chocolate From Peru

  • Taste: 75% – how do I rate this bar – from the first taste or the second? Both had an interesting personality. But for me eating chocolate is about trying new flavours and experiences and not keeping to your past idea of a “favourite”. This tablette does offer something different and should be experienced.
  • Texture: 70% – again the bar has changed over time. The melt does feel more natural than others that have soya lecithin added, this has a more robust texture, but still quite fine.
  • Appearance: 85% – Pierre does present his chocolate wonderfully and plays wonderfully on the limited nature of the cacao source.
  • Nutritional Information: 75% – there’s not a huge amount that could be written on the bar. But at least we know the origin of the cacao and that its single estate and the strain of cacao used.
  • Price: n/a% – I was given this bar to review and don’t know the price.
  • Overall: 76.25% – definitely one to try if you get the chance

Nutritional Information:
  • 85% cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa butter, natural vanilla

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  • This bar we where having yesterday on my november chocolate tasting, I kept it as hoping on beeing special for my tasters. Special it was but not “special” as we tought it would be. You described it well thanks,
    PS We liked the Zotter Congo 65% and just behind this one we did appreciated the Zotter India 65% (newly discovered continent).
    Greetings Geert