Personalised Valentine’s M&Ms

I can talk from experience about the effect that giving Personalised M&Ms can have on members of the opposite sex if you’re buying for girlfrend, lover or wife for Valentine’s Day. You see I got some for my wife’s birthday, and despite buying here loads of expensive stuff from Ted Baker, Dior, Cath Kidston and the like, she actually said she loved these the most. Now, I’ve not actually managed to find them since to vouch for how they taste, but I take that as a signal that they’re so good my wife doesn’t want me to have any!

Personalised M&Ms

The picture above is of their gift box which costs £27.50 and is a lot bigger than I thought it’d be. You can also get various other options where you can buy them effectively in wholesale quantities if you’re looking to put in a bulk corporate order or loose if you really are addicted to them as well as having a different gift option where your M&Ms come with a funky dispensor too.

But the good thing is that if you didn’t want to pay £27.50 for the gift box option, then you could use the voucher code: Love which will save £5 off the price! Bargain. Who says love has to hurt your wallet?

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