Personalised M&M’s

For my sins I’m a huge fan of M&M’s as they’re the perfect confectionary to munch away on when you’re watching TV or a film. And with Love Hearts being so last century it’s about time someone stood up and offered us some great personalised confectionary to give loved ones at Christmas – or even birthdays and as wedding favours! Now M&M’s have launched a heap load of personalised gifts you can get your wife or girlfriend this Christmas.

I may not be so keen on the M&M’s dispenser for £44.60 but the other bags of the personalised M&M’s look pretty cool and not a bad price. Also you can’t get too much on each individual M&M, in fact you can only get 8 characters on – but you do get the chance to have four different messages and you can choose either a two colour mix or three. And then you’ve got the choice of having a small bag, a gift box or a big bag for you to present as you wish.

Don’t forget if you use this promo code (promotional code to you and me): Love you will get £5 off your order until 14/02/11!

Take a look at the M&M’s website for more information. Being tight as I am, I’d have to have a good look at the details before I buy as they certainly don’t come cheap. Also we’ve had a look at some personalised Easter eggs we’ve had a look at too.

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