Personalised Christmas Chocolates From Cocoapod

I just love Christmas, not only because I get time off work to spend with my family, or that I’ve got an excuse to spend money, but because I love to see what great stuff chocolate companies come up with. And I know the personalised photo chocolates from Thorntons are very popular as well as the chocolate telegrams which are similar to these, but it was interesting to see what the ‘independents’ will be offering. If you wanted to support a small business then Linda and Philippa from Cocoapod who have created this box of 27 chocolate which you could ‘write’ a loving message to a friend or loved one.

The caring ladies there wanted to wish me a very early merry Christmas so they put together a box with exactly that message on – and for something relatively inexpensive they look great. The most important feature, of course is how they taste. And I was very surprised that they tasted very good. The first I tried was the dark chocolate which had a slight mulled-wine quality, the white was a touch too sweet for me – but you can specify the selection when ordering, and the milk chocolate was creamy, but not as sweet as the white – more of the classic chocolate you might expect from the general Belgian chocolate makers.

At £12 I do think they are very good value for money, and most definitely appeal to those people who prefer to support less commercial endeavours.

Where To Buy These Personalised Chocolates
  • Cocoapod – £12


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