William Di Carlo Perle di Dolcezza

William diCarlo Perle di dolcezza

Too much chocolate is encased in clear cellophane. For some, needs must. But when you remove the top of a box of chocolate treats and the rest of it opens up like a flower as spring sets hold you just think: “these guys know what they’re doing.” And so they should as they’ve been in existence some 180 years. But I was amazed even more when these ‘pearls’ of hazelnuts wrapped in white chocolate became visible. When I first tasted a few of these yesterday they were exactly what I needed. Today having spied my ever-expanding waistline I’m not so sure.

The Sweet Pearls

Of course they’re incredibly sweet – the hazelnut is hardly noticeable. Any hint of a typical white chocolate flavour is just a passing experience. This is all about the sugar and the satisfaction it can give you when you’re most in need. Then I consumed about 10 in as many minutes. I over-indulged and spoiled the moment due to my weakness and ability for hedonistic and glutinous moments. I should have relented and consumed them as if I had paid a few quid for them and weren’t given to me when I picked up an order of Bonajuto from the wholesalers.

With these you only notice the hazelnut flavour after a few minutes when the sugar hit has passed and pieces of the nut are left like a lost sheep trying to find its way to the pen. My sheepdog of a tongue helped guide it to its final resting place and I contemplated another.

The problem is that they’re so attractive, and whilst you know you’ve had your fill you just have them sitting there like the one ring to rule them all. They’re glistening, begging to be destroyed. It’s a battle of wills. Unlike yesterday I will resist today. I will not give in. I have some other chocolates to over-indulge with.

I do like these. But to be fair, I’d prefer hazelnuts to be coated in Domori chocolate likeĀ these bad boys.

p.s. I can’t find anyone selling these so far.


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