Paul A. Young Valentine’s Brownie

Paul A. Young Valentine's Brownie

There are so many sexual connotations I could make when describing this special Valentine’s brownie from Paul A. Young. So much so that I’d have to X-rate this blog and ban my mother from reading it. For those of you who thought they were in the company of Saint Peter after trying out the classic Paul A. Young brownie -expect to go straight to a dietary hell after consuming his Valentine’s brownie as it as sinful as Valentine’s evening should be.

For those of you live by the “a moment on the lips” mantra, you may want to say clear for there’s golden caster sugar, golden syrup and unsalted French butter contained within this brownie. But if you’re an eternal optimist consider the anti-inflammatory benefits of the cherry and ginger and that, apparently, coconut is good for lowering cholesterol. But, not only is this brownie good for your body (cough), it’s great for your mind too. The endorphins currently swirling through my body are proving to be fantastic tonic for stressful day. Ok, so this brownie is actually a mile away from offering a sin-free Valentine’s treat, but what’s Valentine’s day for? Most of us would have been on diets and if you can’t wait until Shrove Tuesday (March 8th) to gorge yourself on sweet, sticky chocolate heaven, now’s the time.

The problem is that now I have so little of this brownie left to actually write the review. I’ve sat here cutting an ever thinner slice of the brownie whilst not actually reviewing it. And that’s the point of this brownie -it makes you forget about work, those problems which are nagging at the back of your mind, your commute, and your mother-in-law, essentially this the best way to detach from the world that I’ve come across lately.

This brownie is so much more sticky and gooey than the previous one. At first I was unsure about it but because the cherry and ginger are fairly strong flavours that it just wouldn’t work in something drier (or as moisture-free as a Sainsbury’s brownie). That being said, it is mitigated by the desiccated coconut and the large chunks of stem ginger. There are also healthy doses of cherry which form a large proportion of this brownie and give it a fantastic variable texture that I revel in.

The flavour was fairly powerful too; it’s a great deal tangier than the other as well and comes across on many levels. There is a nice rounded chocolate range in the middle which was topped by the cherry and supported by the ginger. There was also a transitory hit, every now and then, of the cocoa nibs which added some welcome bitterness to all those sweet flavours and was joined by the coconut which also served to turn down the dial.

I’m now covered in brownie. I’m licking lips, fingers and the wrapper.

This is, by no means, a brownie for boring people. It’s a brownie for people that have a special draw in their bedroom full of exciting instruments of pleasure. Oh, and if you wanted to know what Meg had just prior to the sandwich, I think you now know:

Where To Buy Paul A. Young Valentine’s Brownie
  • Paul A. Young


  • Taste: 85% – extraordinarily tangy but with a sweetness that isn’t as extreme as could have been expected when looking at the ingredients. I have some of the cocao nibs stuck between my teeth which is giving off waves of gorgeous flavour
  • Texture: 80% – was it too moist? I’m not sure, but I would say it’s more of a texture to enjoy with your partner and not by yourself sat at a desk.
  • Appearance: 95% – I love the red heart on the top and contrasting texture – simply beautiful
  • Nutritional Information: n/a – if you’ve got allergies it’s there, if not, you won’t care
  • Price: 90% – yikes I think it was £3.50 which is a great price for something original, interactive, delicious and so memorable
  • Overall: 87.5% – has the queue outside of his shops started yet?


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