Paul A. Young Fine Chocolates

Paul A. Young Fine Chocolates

In 2006, Paul Young and James Crontin opened Paul A Young Fine Chocolates Ltd. in Islington, London. The company quickly rose to the top in the chocolate world, and was awarded the title of “Best New Chocolate Shop” by the Academy of Chocolate in the 2007 World Chocolate Awards. In 2007, the pair opened a second chocolate boutique in The Royal Exchange in London. Paul has worked at some of the finest Yorkshire restaurants, as Pastry Chef at the Criterion Brasserie and at Quo Vadis, Soho as Head Pastry Chef. TV appearances include ITV’s “This Morning,” BBC’s “Food and Drink,” the “Carlton Food Network,” and Sky One’s “Taste.” Paul A Young’s hand made chocolate creations are produced daily in his shop and use only the finest of natural ingredients.

Paul A Young’s House Collection

You can read the review Paul’s House selection – it was pretty damn good!

  • Champagne Truffles—These delightful creations are made with real champagne.
  • Dark Chocolate Truffle—85% dark Venezuelan chocolate.
  • Marmite Truffle—A light and creamy marmite centre.
  • Hazelnut Praline—The famouse house praline with a delicious hazelnut centre.
  • Dark Sea-Salted Rocher—This lucious rocher is created with 64% dark Madagascan chocolate.
  • Passion Fruit and Vanilla Ganache—An exquisite fruit and ganache centre surrounded in lucious chocolate
  • Milk Sea-Salted Rocher—This delicate confection is created using 40% milk chocolate.
  • Sea Salted Caramel—A gold award winning creation.
  • Raspberry Ganache—A delicious raspberry centre created with Black Raspberry liqueur. A silver award-winning confection.

Paul A. Young’s Artisan Chocolate Bars

Paul carries a large variety of unique and exciting artisan chocolate bars. In addition to varying percentages of simply delicious milk and dark chocolate, some of the more interesting combinations include:

  • Caramelised Cocoa Nib—A 64% Madagascan chocolate mixed with cocoa nibs coated in creamy caramel for a simply mouth-watering experience.
  • Cranberry, Orange and Cinnamon—A delicious combination of these 3 fruits blended with a luscious 70% dark chocolate.
  • Dark Stem Ginger—Ginger pieces and 70% dark chocolate come together for a tantalizing temptation.
  • Fruit and Nut—Fruit, nuts and chocolate are a traditionally delicious combination
  • Green Peppercorn—Green peppercorns blended into 72% Venezuelan chocolate for a spicy surprise.
  • Lavender—A simply lovely 70% dark chocolate bar with a subtle hint of floral flavour to entice the taste buds.

Other exciting and exquisite artisan bars include Maldon Sea Salt, Milk Sea Salt, Milk Stem Ginger, Peppermint, Raspberry Ganache, Sea-Salted Caramel and a simply unique White Chocolate, Sesame Seeds, Salted Caramel Easter Egg, and Sea Salt artisan chocolate bar.

Other Chocolates

Paul A. Young also carries a large number of other fine confections available in his shops. His delicious brownie creations are sold in Classic Fudge, Christmas Pudding and Pecan. A number of cooking and baking chocolates, curiosities and gift chocolates are also available.

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