Paul A. Young 70% Guanaja

God forbid somebody else would make the mistake of buying some Paul A. Young Guanaja and forgetting about it. But I’m going to use the fact that this bar is four months out of date to see what it tastes like if somebody else made the same mistake as I have.

I fully expect this bar to be made from Valrhona Guanaja couverture but seeing as a muppet like me could ruin such fine couverture, I wondered how it would fair being tempered and moulded by Paul? And to be honest, It’s a very delightful, pleasant, unpretentious and fairly mellow affair. And a carbon copy of the Valrhona Guanaja 70% I reviewed a few months ago – but perhaps even more muted?

There are some good red berry notes and strangely a resemblance of orange juice and lemonade. The texture is great, a few air bubbles, but surely we’re not expecting it to be formed to the same standards as Valrhona? That being said, I’m sure that having this chocolate in the guise makes it more accessible to those just starting to get to know about chocolate. People that may visit Paul’s shops for the odd truffle or ganache they’ve read about in the papers, may be inclined to try some dark chocolate and may find the exclusive appearance of a Valrhona bar offputting. And that can’t be a bad thing.

Where To Buy This 70% Guanaja Bar From:
  • Paul A. Young – £3.85


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