Paul A Young 4 Piece Selection Box

The lovely (never met him but I’m sure he is!) [Ed: I am – believe me lol] Lee has very kindly allowed me to write a little review, I’m not sure quite what made him so brave, but it was around the time he found I had in my possession a small box from Paul A Young….I finally made it to his beautiful shop in Islington just over a week ago and was greeted by a perfectly cool and calm atmosphere, an oasis amid a very hot and sticky London. There was a wonderful dark chocolatey aroma, and samples to taste enticing you to buy before making your carefully chosen selection. I came away with a little silver box tied with a dark purple ribbon, filled with my own selection of four chocolates.

Paul A Young Chocolates

The first I ate that evening and I’m afraid before I had a chance to photograph it, sorry! This was a milk chocolate truffle with nutmeg, one I knew I’d enjoy. There was the rich, creamy milk chocolate with the delicate flavour of nutmeg. The shell was nice and crisp, not too thick and not too thin and the filling dreamily smooth, really lovely.

Paul A Young Chocolates

The second one I tried was the Pimms truffle with mint, strawberry and cucumber. I really wasn’t sure if I was going to like this one, not being overly keen on cucumber or mint but thought it sounded interesting. This is a beautiful looking chocolate, dark with speckled flecks of red, green and white and I was surprised to encounter a dark filling rather than the white I was expecting. At first taste you’re greeted with a rich dark chocolate and mint flavour that slowly turns fruity and you’re finally left with a refreshing aftertaste of cucumber and mint. I thought this was amazingly well balanced and I was surprised at how clean the flavours were. A perfect summers day truffle!

Paul A Young Chocolates

Next up was the house praline and I have to admit to being a little disappointed, I’m a big praline fan and was hoping for something really bold , rich and nutty and I’m afraid this was a little refined for me. No doubt it was a beautiful truffle, with that rich milk chocolate shell and super smooth ganache but I felt it lacked a robustness that I would have liked rather than the hint of hazelnut that I got.

Paul A Young Chocolates

I definitely left the best till last, the prize winning salted caramel, with it’s glossy dark dome it promised great things. The shell was just the right thickness to hold the gooey caramel within and had a satisfying crisp break to it. The caramel is rich, buttery, deeply savoury but with burnt sugar flavours and immediately fills the mouth, leaving behind that rich fruity satisfying chocolate flavour of the shell when it’s disappeared. Truly an amazing chocolate, I could eat far too many of these.

At £6.50 for a box of 4 chocolates these are by no means cheap but completely worth it!

[Ed: if you’ve also got a love of chocolate and would like to add your review here, just contact me and we’ll sort it out. It doesn’t have to be fine or luxury chocolate you’d like to review, it could be anything with chocolate in -even chocolate milkshake]

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