Patrick Roger Chocolates

Patrick Roger ChocolatesKnown for his unique and truly exquisite chocolate sculptures, Patrick Roger opened his own chocolate company in 1997 at the age of 29, after studying for more than a decade under a number of passionate chocolatiers and pastry chefs from throughout the world. As one of the finest chocolatiers in France, Patrick was awarded the title of Meilleur Ouvrier de France in 2000 and continues to be ranked among the top ten chocolate artisans in the country.

Patrick Roger Chocolate

Patrick Roger’s chocolate delights are sculpted from some of the finest chocolate gathered from 25 different origins including Madagascar, Ecuador, Brazil, Indonesia and Ghana. The exquisite chocolate produced from these cacao beans exhibits woody, fruity, tangy and floral tones combined with a number of unique and entertaining flavour combinations.

Patrick Roger Coulers

Patrick Roger’s majestic sculptured chocolates are available in a wide variety of delightful assortments, chocolate bars and gift packages. Among some of his most highly esteemed chocolate creations are his Couleurs, marble-like sculpted chocolate delights consisting of exotic and unique flavour combinations such as Amazone, a combination of caramel and Brazilian lime, and Savage, caramel infused with yuzu and vervain.

Patrick Roger Assorted Chocolate Creations

Among Patrick’s large variety of delicious assorted chocolates is a testimony to his artisan craftsmanship and unique culinary skill with exquisite flavour combinations. Just a few of these creations include:

  • Mellowness – A delightful marriage between crunchy almonds and pistachios
  • Trinidad & Tobago – An exquisite infusion of Creole rum
  • Zanzibar – Lemon and thyme combine to create a delightful taste sensation
  • Jamaica – An intense infusion of 100% Arabica coffee
  • Delh – A delightful union between lemon and basil
  • Maracana-Exhibits a delivious passion for passion fruit
  • Iguacu – A creamy caramel and vanilla taste combination
  • Beijing – The intense flavour of spicy root ginger

Patrick Roger Chocolate Mini-bars

Patrick Roger’s 23 delicious mini-chocolate bars include some of the following favourites:

  • Indian Ocean bar – A 64% chocolate bar with fruity and smoky undertones
  • Papua New Guinea – A combination of acidic fruity flavour and fried hazelnuts
  • Caribbean bar – A 66% milky chocolate with woody and earthy flavour notes
  • Apothecary Bar – A 64% diabetic chocolate bar
  • Venezuela bar – A 60% spicy and rich bar

Other Bars

Patrick Roger also creates the usual size of cocolate bars such as the Mexico 64%.


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