Patrick Roger 75% Dark Chocolate From Peru

Patrick Rober 75% Dark Chocolate Bar From Peru

After the Patrick Roger dark chocolate bars from Antilles, Mexico and the Indian Ocean it was time to try one from Peru. Having tried a very nice one from Peru from Duffy I was very much looking forward to this one.

Patrick Rober 75% Dark Chocolate Bar From Peru

Unfortunately, there was something a touch ‘off’ with this it. Visually it looked as stunning as all the other from Patrick Roger. I know the 100% bar is something unique, and it’s not really right to compare it to the other bars,  but this one had a strange waxy feel, just like when you get some bread stuck to the roof of your mouth and just feels awkward.

Patrick Rober 75% Dark Chocolate Bar Texture

Not only was there a strange texture, but also the flavour was somewhat strange. Often with acidic bars there’s a wide range of flavours present that support it. But with this bar it seemed fairly devoid of flavour except for a pinewood tone at the very edge. At a push there’s a touch of orange peel that changes into a dull, mushroom type characteristic.

The problem is that I just don’t have much to say about it – it just offers so little for me to be verbose. The Duffy Peru bar was rustic and delicious, this bar was perfectly fine if you’re looking for something a bit more restrained than the usual fair, but it’s not going to knock your socks off like the Pralus Chuao. I’ll have to ask Paddington Bear if there’s anything worth trying from deepest, darket Peru. There must be something?

Where To Buy The Patrick Roger 75% Dark Chocolate From Peru Bar

  • Taste: 55% – fairly devoid of the robust flavours I’ve come to expect.
  • Texture: 50% – it gave a very strange mouth-feel that I just didn’t like.
  • Appearance: 80% – very pleasant as usual
  • Nutritional Information: 65% – there’s sufficient
  • Price: 60% – it’s alright value if you’re already buying stuff from Patrick
  • Overall: 62% – a huge disappointment

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