Patric Rio Caribe Superior

The end is nigh. Well the end of my mission to work through all my past their ‘best’ chocolate. Today I have the Rio Caribe Superior from Patric Chocolate and it’s been so been a staggering 3 years or so since I last tried a similar bar – the Domori version. The cacao for this bar comes from the Venezuelan Paria Peninsula which juts out towards the island of Trinidad.

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I think Candice had it spot on when she described the aroma as that of sour ale and perhaps it’s more akin to walking past a pub cellar, but I also get mild cheese melted on flat mushrooms with Lea and Perrins sauce on top.

The flavour is similarly mild, but outrageously fantastic. It actually reminds me very much of the Valrhona Ampamakia as it has a similar creamy, mango-like flavour. But this bar actually offers some more variety. There’s some pepperiness with it too and whilst the first bite of this chocolate reminded me of coffee, I don’t get that sensation with subsequent bites. Despite the variety of flavour, it still manages to be refined and contained with a similar profile.

These flavours lend itself to being an immensely enjoyable bar of chocolate, but that’s further enhanced by the fact that the melt is absolutely fantastic. The age of the bar has meant that it’s slightly drier and more brittle than would normally be expected, but the melt is consistent and pleasurable. What’s more, we’re talking real chocolate hear as the ingredients are just cacao, cane sugar and butter which suggests it’s even more of an achievement to produce such as smooth texture and consistent without the use of either soya lecithin or vanilla.

The physical appearance of the bar is also great despite being left in my chocolate room for a few months and being shipped at first from Missouri to Belgium and then onto myself in the north of England.  I do wish, however, that I reviewed this bar much earlier in its life as I believe it would be even better. That being said, I’d still rate this bar at 86%.

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