Artisan du Chocolat Panama 70% Bar

As I whistle through my chocolate stash, I stop at one of my favourite British chocolatiers (well the company is) – Artisan du Chocolat. But Gerard has a tough job competing with the other Panama bars I’ve tried recently – namely the Tierra Oscura and the Star and Heart of Panama bars from Duffy.

Of course the mould follows there regular, thin and angular style whilst the packaging continues the trend of combining an elegantly simple design with artwork emblematic of the country of origin, here the box has Molas art displayed – and very fine it looks too.

The aroma is dry and dusty and actually reminded me of the aroma I got when I picked my rafia flip-flops out of my suitcase after I’d been on holiday. I know, its probably not a thought you’d like, but that’s exactly the arid aroma I got.

The flavour does definitely have that raisin note that Gerard mentions on the packaging. but with it there are definitely some caramel tones alongside just the slightest of tobacco and aniseed.

It may not be as smooth as Duffy’s but I do feel it provides a very pleasurable experience that seems more rustic, and perhaps even more true to the local culture than Duffy’s.

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Quick Rating:
  • 75% – very much worth buying


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