Other Things to Think About When Buying Wedding Favours

There are some other things to think about when buying or selecting wedding favours:

Time of year

You may want to choose your wedding favours in accordance with the time of the year. For example, if your wedding is near a holiday season, you may choose to select a gift that is associated with that particular holiday. For example, if it is near Christmas, you may consider clear glass containers with Christmas candies, or even small ornaments as wedding favours. If your wedding is in the spring, garden gifts such as seed packets or flowers, make excellent wedding favours. Flower bulbs are generally planted in the autumn, so if your wedding falls at this time of the year, you could consider flower bulbs as a favour idea.

Colour Scheme

Does your wedding fall under a specific colour scheme? Most brides choose two or three specific colours as a scheme for the event. If your wedding features specific colours in its design, you may want to theme your wedding favour gifts around these colours as well. For example, if your wedding has a colour scheme of silver and pink, you may consider small candies wrapped in foils of these colours. Other brides however, may choose to simply use the variety of colours of a particular season. For example, if your wedding is in the spring, you may choose to incorporate the many colours of springtime. In this instance, you may want to make your wedding favours appear bright and colourful in accordance to the shades of springtime.


Is your wedding centred on a theme? Many themed weddings include wedding favours for the guests that are chosen around this specific theme. As an example, a bride using a Victorian theme for her wedding may choose wedding favours such as flowers or seeds, or even miniature Victorian teapots or teacups.


As mentioned in an above section, when selecting edible gifts as wedding favours, you will need to consider such things as diabetes or other diet related illnesses in some of your guests. Another thing to consider when selecting an edible gift is allergies. Many children and adults have peanut allergies that can prove extremely dangerous when even exposed to peanuts or other nuts. Some with this allergy do not even have to digest the food. In those with an extreme allergy, dangerous, and sometimes even fatal, reactions can occur simply by being exposed to the substance. When selecting food or other items that may be perishable, consider also how long it will last. Does the item have an expiration date? Will it become stale quickly?


Many wedding favours can be personalized in some way, either with engraving, embossing, or beautiful calligraphy. While it may be more expensive to personalize each wedding favour, it adds a personal touch to the gifts that reflect the sentiment of your wedding. By taking the time to have each favour personalized, you are letting your guests know how much you appreciate them, while providing them with a memento from your special occasion.

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