Orion Choco Boy

I bought these Orion Choco Boy Chocolate & Biscuits at the same time I bought the fab Glico Pocky Choco Banana Biscuit Sticks and they’re just as great in a non-luxurious kind of way.

There’s no chance that the Orion Choco Boy Chocolate Biscuits would win any awards for being fantastic chocolate from the finest of cocoa beans, but that’s not the point. These chocolate covered biscuit mushrooms just hit the spot and are a great, quick and fun chocolate snack.

They’re essentially biscuit mushrooms with the helmet bit being milk chocolate and you’ll probably find yourself eating the whole box without realising. They’re irristable.

The biscuit bit may be a bit dry for me, but its more than made up by the tasty sweet chocolate.

As a quick review I’d give them a 69% as they’re nice, but they do miss the “X-factor” to make you crave more of them.

You can buy the Orion Choco Boy Chocolate & Biscuits from:

* Wai Yee Hong
* Starry Asian Market

Nutritional Information:

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