Original Hawaiian Chocolate Milk Bar

Original Hawaiian Chocolate Milk Bar

The last chocolate I tried from the Original Hawaiian Chocolate Company was their absolutely delightful Criollo bar and I’ve been meaning to try their milk chocolate variety for a good few months. But thankfully I get the chance now. The packaging here is still the of the same, solid style with a large border that surrounds the 85g bar inside and which frames it like an oil painting.

Original Hawaiian Chocolate Milk Bar Design

What I noticed at first when tasting the chocolate was the similarly spicy edge to it. I would think that the continuation of the flavours into this other bar would be more to do with the nature of the soil as it’s volcanic than the milk which may lead to a more cheesy flavour if there any variation from the ‘norm’. I see no indication that the whole milk powder was from Hawaiian cows so I’m risking my (someone tarnished) reputation on the soil being a direct cause of the wonderful edge this chocolate exhibits.

Original Hawaiian Chocolate Texture

The entire chocolate-making process is natural; it’s all done ‘by hand’ and without much of the large, expensive machinery many large-scale producers use. And it shows. The texture is far from the smoothest I’ve tried as it seems to hold together in small balls in my mouth and not the blanket of melted chocolate you could expect from more processed chocolate. By the same token there’s no fake velvetiness you get from the use of palm oils which is obviously to its credit.

Dark chocolate is my thing, but it seems that before dusk I generally prefer the sweetness of milk chocolate. This maybe because I need a pick-me-up whilst working and this bar serves as a great way to get that boost from a chocolate bar that probably no-one else in the country as tried. I still don’t think you can get the chocolate imported here due to the time it’ll have to spend in a plane, but do drop them a line and see if they’ll send some over for you – they’re great people.

Where To Buy The Original Hawaiian Chocolate Milk Bar

  • Taste: 70% – sweet milk chocolate but with a spicy edge
  • Texture: 70% – they’ve made life harder by not using more restic machinery, but its worth it.
  • Appearance: 70% – the packaging is solid and the bars have a wonderful design
  • Nutritional Information: 80% – there’s nice information about where the cacao is grown as well as the ingredients. There’s no need for anything else.
  • Price: 70% – delivery costs to the UK will put most people off, but if you call yourself a true chocolate fan then you should try and get some.
  • Overall: 72% – unlike anything you can get in the UK

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