Original Hawaiian 60% Dark Chocolate

Original Hawaiian 60% Dark Chocolate

I’ve tried the Criollo dark chocolate bar from the Original Hawaiian Chocolate company last year and absolutely loved it. There was a delightful peppery flavour and I always knew that it’d be difficult for this Trinitario bar to match it, but it still manages to offer a delightful flavour. It was also great to try some chocolate that very few people in the world have ever tasted.

Recently I’ve had to endure some mediocre to poor quality milk chocolate so it was nice to step up things a little bit to a 60% bar that still offered some intensity, but not enough to zap your taste buds before I got back into the groove with some classic fine dark chocolate. I know I’ve had it hanging around in my chocolate stash since June last year and this winter didn’t treat it too well as it was difficult to keep a constant 16-18c temperature – especially when the heating broke, but I think it’s withstood that, and the thousands of miles in a plane very well.

The aroma is still peppery, but less so than the Criollo and offers a slight pinewood, sweaty feet, cherry nose. The texture was a touch dry, but that’s more to do with the age of the bar than anything. The flavour, however, had a delicious cider taste followed by Bakewell Tart. It’s not at all robust, but pleasant.

The melt wasn’t as good as the other bar either, which is to be expected, but I still found it very enjoyable. Overall it’s not one that will knock your socks off with flavour, but it’s a good Sunday afternoon bar to sit with and watch an old movie. As a quick rating I’d give it 71% but with the thought that it would be a hard task to beat that Criollo bar.

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