Organic White & Fruity Chocolate Love Heart

This beautiful looking White & Fruity Chocolate Love Heart was kindly donated for review by the kind people of Ethical Superstore – it’d normally cost £3.50 and was made by the wonderful people at The Chocolate Alchemist – whose stuff I’ve loved in the past. In this instance, however, my praise wasn’t so high.

I’m not the biggest fan of white chocolate in the world so I asked my wife’s opinion. She said it was like a Milky Bar – which obviously isn’t a great help. Organic chocolate often has a much earthier taste than chocolate with their massively refined, abused and distorted ingredients. However, this had a confused taste. The usual white chocolate flavour was there but it was juxtaposed by the intense fruitiness of the dried cranberries and blueberries.

I so wanted this to work for me, but unfortunately it didn’t. But when it comes to organic white chocolate, they sell the Divine White Chocolate bar, which is fantastic and is a great introduction to this type of chocolate. And don’t forget the Choc-Affair Milk and White Chocolate Lollies which is just fantastic!

    • Taste: 40% – it didn’t do it for me – unfortunately


  • Texture: 65% – it had a strange, dry texture



  • Appearance: 70% – it does look very good



  • Nutritional Information: 65% – there’s plenty to be getting on with



  • Price: 70% – for a chocolate Valentine’s gift its pretty good value



  • Overall: 62% – There’s more to Ethical Superstore than this chocolate. They do some fab stuff!



Where To Buy The Organic White Chocolate Heart With Dried Fruit
Nutritional Information:

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