Organic Milk Chocolate Pumpkins

These milk chocolate pumpkins form part of the Montezuma’s Halloween chocolate hamper which would set you back £17. But looking at this particular part of the hamper I do wonder if they’re worth the money. The problem is that there are many chocolate companies offering great hampers for Halloween and I just struggle to find any “wow factor” in these little treats.

I know they’re for kids and children do appreciate sweet milk chocolate but I think £4.99 for a bag of 5 chocolate pumpkins is just too expensive. And what’s more the photo they use actually has ten of them and it doesn’t take a genius to work out that that’s actually twice the number you actually get. Of course it says 120g minimum weight, but I’m sure may be surprised with how “light-weight” they are.

Each do look fairly substantial, but collectively I was left disappointed. The chocolate is fine, but nothing special. It’s made with 34% minimum cocoa solids which are from organic sources, including organic milk solids and organic soya lecithin and organic vanilla which are perfect if organic chocolate is perfect for you, otherwise I think many other people may find better deals elsewhere.

There’s not a lot else to say over than they’re just average. But that’s what kids love. They’ll adore the sweetness and appreciate the fact that they’re solid enough to really get their teeth into, but if they were there when you’re buying them online, they might feel let down that they’ll on get five of them.

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