Orange Honeycomb Crunch From My Chocolate Bar

When I found out from Mark & Pauline at My Chocolate Bar that I was being sent some Orange Honeycombe Crunch it instantly sent me back to my childhood. I used to love Crunchie Bars as a kid. But today I find them too sweet so I don’t buy them anymore.

Having recieved them and seeing how prominent the honeycombe was, I was concerned that it’d be just as overpowering. But, blow me – they’re awesome. The honeycombe is absolutely spot on. Its flavour is present but it pushes through with the right amount of force the amazingly soft and sumptuous organge flavour which wraps around you like a summer’s afternoon.

The chocolate coating is also delicious. It’s mild without being anonymous. It compliments without contradicting the other flavours. The two textures, both smooth and silky against the crunch and zip of the honeycomb work exceptionally well together. Each bite is different. Some you’ll get more chocolate than crunch and then the next will be a different experience. What comes to mind is a band playing in park in twilight of a hot sunny day. The flowers, the buzz of the bees and a nice pint of cider and not knowing which song will be next.

These things are exceptional. I suppose a lot could go wrong with them. The chocolate could easily be overpowered by the honeycombe which, in itself could be overly sweet and sticky. But its spot on.

I should have started with reviewing the appearance. I got distracted by the flavours and texture. I love pretty chocolate, don’t get me wrong. But I also love chocolate that says “judge me on my taste, forget everything else”. And the rustic presentation of the Orange Honeycombe Crunch does just that. The flavours, the crunch and the chocolate melt all play a part in making this an exceptional chocolate treat.

For £4.50 I’d expect a lot. I actually got a lot more than I could have wished for. If you don’t try them then you’re missing out. If any of you do, then I’d love to hear what you think of them.

    • Taste: 90% – wonderful chocolate, aweseom honeycombe – beautiful


  • Texture: 95% – a syphony in your mouth



  • Appearance: 90% – I love the rustic look



  • Nutritional Information: 70% – actually there’s enough there for anyone.



  • Price: 90% – well worth it



  • Overall: 87% – I shouldn’t be so touch on the nutritonal information. Cadbury’s can afford to do all the RDA stuff. Without it they’d get a 91.25%



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Nutritional Information:

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    Loving the sound of this…looks gorgeous too!