Omnom Madgascar 66%

The Papua New Guinea 70% from the Icelandic bean to bar chocolate maker was fantastic, so with gleeful joy I bounded into this Madagascar 66%. The problem with this origin is that its getting a bit like Ecuador – lovely chocolate but I’m seeing it more and more frequently, I do look an awful lot for chocolate, however!

Omnom Chocolate

Visually it was a touch disappointing given the pot marks on each segment which would indicate it hasn’t been vibrated properly as it cooled. The colour was a beautiful, warm, sandy, Moroccan light brown that more than made up for the structural deficiencies.

But when it comes to the flavour it is a classic Madadgascar, red fruits, cream, a touch of spice and veering a touch off to what we would expect from some Venezuelan – not least the Ara Trinitario Guasare – but less intense.

Just before those flavours started up there was a devoid, vacuum, oxogyn sensation which then transfers into bubblegum and then onto Eton Mess. Even though this is a 66% and my tastes are generally much higher, but taking that into account his is an absolutely lovely and pleasant chocolate.


Lee McCoy

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