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The great thing about running a chocolate blog, even more than the great people, is finding out about new chocolate companies that just wouldn’t get to hear about otherwise. And one of the most recent is Nutritious Delicious who have created some truffles that have minimal sugars and a complete lack of dairy, artificial flavours and preservatives are absent. Interestingly the Middlesex company match my desire for chocolate that moves towards a ‘functional’ benefit. Their truffles are made from organic and ‘super’ ingredients such as lucuma, carob powder, ginseng, agave nectar, powdered maca root, low GI sweeteners, essential fats, zinc, magnesium and Vitamin C. With so many chocolate companies stating they offer something unique, it’s great to see a company in the UK that are part way that Vanessa does in the US with Gnosis Chocolate – chocolate that’s good for the mind, body and spirit.

Nutritious Delicious Almond Truffle

I thought I was getting a huge bag of lime truffles and was slightly disappointed to find out I had the number diluted by almond, orange and vanilla flavours. But when I had the first bite of the almond one I reached very quickly for the other half, and then last remaining whole one. They may not be traditional truffles as one would expect given the dome shape and more solid structure but it was very enjoyable. The truffle is very tangy but with a strong almond flavour consistent all the way through and which works incredibly well with the 74% dark chocolate. This chocolate did have a similar tone to that of raw chocolate – it must have been a slight detectable hint of the magnesium. Even though they didn’t have the luscious, moist characteristic of some truffles I’ve tried recently, I actually like the darker, intense characteristic of this one.          `

Nutritious Delicious Lime Truffle

With the sweet, peppery flavour of the lime really was beautifully set against the dark.  Again this one is more dark chocolate than the natural flavourings contained within, which is a slight shame, but that would just be me pandering to my acute love for limes. Even though that flavour is controlled I still found it most  enjoyable as each nibble appeared to offer something different.

Nutritious Delicious Vanilla Truffle

The orange truffle was a harder sell as I’m generally no fan of orange chocolate. However, as the orange flavour was similarly muted it actually turned out incredibly well. It’s that unique dark chocolate flavour that turns it into something special, and actually a truffle I’d gladly buy.

When it came to the vanilla truffle, the natural flavour from the dark chocolate seemed a touch lost against the more prominent added ingredient. It may not have been my favourite, but still, the texture and darkness of it was much appreciated.

Being almost ‘functional’ truffles and given that the dark chocolate they were never going to be as soft and delicate as the short-life, artisan ones. But what they do offer is a very decent hit of chocolate with some mild additional flavours and some (one expects) beneficial ingredients.

If natural chocolate is important to you then I do suggest you try these (but leave the lime ones for me).

Where To Buy These dark chocolate Truffles
  • Nutritious Delicious  – £5.99

Quick Rating
  • 73% – a nice idea for after dinner chocolates

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