Novelty Chocolate Gifts for Valentine’s Fun

Depending on your perspective, a novelty gift can mean several things. At a basic definitive level, novelty products indicate originality and newness. In this light, any chocolate that you run across that catches your eye would qualify as a novelty chocolate Valentine. In some lights, however, the novelty designation is also used to identify Valentine’s chocolates that are small and inexpensive. There are dozens of Valentine’s chocolates from numerous companies that meet some or all of these qualifications, so finding a novelty chocolate gift for your friend, child or loved one is actually an easy task.

Small and Inexpensive
When you are dealing with group gifts or want to recognize a special child this Valentine’s day, you will probably want to seek out novelty chocolates that are small and inexpensive. Probably the most affordable chocolates come in groupings, sets or packages. The retailer Not on the High Street, for example, has several small chocolates that are packaged together. For just four pounds, ten foil-wrapped hearts make a fun Valentine’s gift. Chocolate lollipops are also a great choice. At L’Artisan du Chocolat, two pounds is enough to purchase a chocolate-dipped spoon for making hot chocolate; this gift is elegant enough for a lover but fun enough for a child.

Bring on the New and Unique!
While bigger isn’t always better, there are times when chocolate trinkets just aren’t enough to wow your Valentine. In this instance, novelty chocolates should focus on the new and unique. Novelty Valentine’s vary as much as your imagination and that of the confectioner. Both Serenata Flowers and Not on the High Street make a chocolate pizza, for example, featuring a chocolate crust dotted with various toppings; the price range of these two shops is between fifteen and twenty-five pounds. Novelty chocolate can also be extremely elegant, as is shown by L’Artisan du Chocolat; this chocolatier produces a beautiful amber bottle full of hot chocolate mix made to resemble perfume; look for Love Potion No. 9 to scoop up this delicious novelty Valentine’s drink.

Regardless of the retailer or chocolatier, novelty chocolate gifts for Valentine’s Day opens a huge array of products. Look for character gifts, shaped chocolate, personalized messages and nostalgic presentation. There aren’t really any rules for novelty. Instead, this category of chocolate gifts is all about what appeals to you and what will impress your significant other. Above all, be creative when choosing your Valentine’s chocolate.

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