The New KitKat Crunchies

One thing I’ve come to realise is that no matter how much I harp on about the wondrousness of fine, artisan or bean-to-bar chocolate, people just love mass-market chocolate,  the end result being that those companies are the ones making the millions or even billions whilst the hard-working and industrious chocolate makers working for themselves often find it difficult to make two ends meet. Just think how many supremely creative musicians are there scraping a living whilst the talentless are making all the money?

KitKats serve a purpose. As a child I loved them. As a teenager and the launch of the Crunchie version I adored them. Now they’ve come out with some new flavours in the UK, it’s time to see what they’re like. Of course they’re not as funky as the Japanese ones, but I hope they’ll end up being a step in that direction.

A friend of mine is in the process of setting up a Pick ‘n’ Mix online shop (he also runs a homewares business) and even though he knows I like the finer types of chocolate he thought it wise to send me these. Starting off with the one I thought I wouldn’t like the most – the peanut butter, I didn’t actually mind it too much. It was actually pretty much like the Montezuma’s Peanut Butter Truffles I reviewed a few months ago. Like with those, these weren’t anywhere near as salty and unpleasant as Reese’s Cups. At first I recoiled from the aroma but after I carefully nibbled some I actually found it perfectly acceptable. In fact I found it mildly addictive. There was the odd bite where I felt some strange flavours ‘gas up’ and assault the back of my mouth, but I’m sure this wouldn’t be an issue for most people.

Another type of chocolate I normally can’t abide if it’s at the lower end of the quality scale is white chocolate. It looked very pretty as I brought up towards my mouth but the sickly sweet aroma I was expecting was missing. Surely we all know Nestle chocolate to be laden with sugar, but I just couldn’t out any excessive levels. Although it contained vegetable fat and enough sugar to sink a toy battleship, it wasn’t tear-inducing. Many others will think it’s overly sweet, and I’m inclined to agree with you, but I still think there’ll be a huge market for them amongst young teenage girls.

I’ve also never been a fan of orange chocolate. And I’m still not a fan. I found the orange flavour far too artificial and reminiscent of some chocolate biscuit bar I had as a child but the name of which has been wiped from my mind – possibly as a result of a traumatic episode. I’d still say that this has the typical faux-orange flavour that I traditionally stay away from. Surveying some of my Facebook friends, all came to the same conclusion.

Of all of the four I expected to like the most, it was the double chocolate. In fact this was the least flavoursome of them all. In actual fact it should be called “half choc” as they’re half as nice as the original ones.

I’m not the best person to review KitKats as my passion is artisan chocolate. But as I’ve got to keep in touch with what normal people are buying, then I thought I’d endure some Nestle chocolate. Even though they’re not chocolate that I’ll ever get excited about, It’s good to see Pick and Mixture get these on board as well as some interesting American stuff.

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