Neuhaus 4 South Molton Street

Neuhaus Chocolates, 4 South Molton Street, London

A little birdie told me that Neuhaus get their chocolates from the same place that Jeff de Bruges does, well that I don’t know, but what I do is that visiting Neuhaus is a clinical affair. I like a bit more warmth when buying chocolate, but that little extra bit of comfort and excitement was missing.

Neuhuas is located a few doors down from Jeff de Bruges and was a surprise to find as there was no indication that they’d be there. But that’s no loss as they’re a very centrally located store at just being about 350ft from Bond Street tube station and 7 minutes walk from Oxford Circus tube station.

Score: 10/10

Their shop looked almost identical to Jeff de Bruges and other chocolate shops, the window was blocked out with big Valentine’s banners and didn’t look overly welcoming from the street. But at least it looked smart

Score: 7/10

The Walk In
From my recollection there was a tiled floor and felt cold. Thankfully that feeling was temporary. Everything was clearly labelled and it wasn’t difficult to find what I was looking for.

There was nothing remarkable with how I felt on entry, but then again I wasn’t put off. I still had the desire to explore.

Score: 7/10

As with some stores, the selection wasn’t huge. They did have a relatively wide selection of Belgian truffles and other chocolates but the selection of readymade Valentine’s boxes did look poor. Also the variety of chocolate tablettes was also limited. There was nothing there to inspire me.

Score: 6/10

The staff were relatively friendly. When I walked in the were trying to help a lady who had just purchased a huge order of chocolates work out how to get a further order for her abroad. The manage was fairly direct and wasn’t as good a listener as I’d like but then she still asked her staff member to try and help the lady out of the shop with her order.

There was no amazing feeling of warmth, but that might have been because I’d just visited Leonidas! They were helpful in asking if there was anything in particular I wanted and did look basically interested in helping me.

Score: 7/10

I definitely think I was paying tourist prices and just get a feeling that the quality of the chocolate won’t match up to the prices, but I’ll reserve judgement until I’ve reviewed them. If you look at their box of truffles you get six for £13.50 which is more than Paul A. Young and his are handmade on site and as fresh as daisies.

Score: 8/10

Taste Test
I’m yet to review the chocolate that I bought on this trip, but based on my other reviews, I’ll give them a good score. But thinking back to those Belgian Truffles, I wish I bought some now!!

Score: ?/10

If you just want to get some chocolates from a brand that isn’t well-known in the UK then definitely try them out if you’re passing.

Score: ?/10

Can You Buy Online?
Yes, here. Postage is next day at £5.95 and you need or order that before 1pm to get the next working day.

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