Nestle Smarties Mini Eggs

I just had a packet of these hanging around. Ok, I lie. I had these Smarties Mini Eggs last year and thought they were pretty damn good so I thought I’d just munch them and see if there were any different to last year?

Well from the look of them, they’re exactly the same. The packaging is identical and the size, shape and flavour are just the same. They’re still large compared to traditional smarties all though they’re less saccharine and more mellow.

There’s still the same great crunch when you bite into them and the wonderful variety of flavours depending on which colour you have – they are nice. But, I’m afraid, not as nice as the Cadbury’s Mini Eggs which are just out of this world (for a cheap Easter treat – they’re not real chocolate remember).

Is it me, though? Don’t all mini eggs taste great with a cup of tea after a hard day at work? I think these are a great treat to nibble on after you’ve had your tea/dinner and are just vegging out.

Overall nice, but not the real deal.

Quick Rating:
  • Overall: 70% – nice but not as good as the Cadbury’s Mini eggs
Where To Buy The Nestle Smarties Mini Eggs
  • Most supermarkets I’d expect
  • Chocolate Buttons – 1 bag for £1.10 or 12 bag box for £10.65
Nutritional Information:

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