Nestle Gold Le Bonbon Mousse

Nestle Gold Le Bonbon Mousse Packaging

The last of my Christmas week quick reviews sees me try out these chocolate mousse creations from Nestle Gold. Which has confused me as I thought they only made coffee? Ahhh that Nescafe Gold – the logo looked the same though! But after this review perhaps they should do? Well the packaging looked fantastic enough, but that’s were any positive thoughts ended.

Nestle Gold Le Bonbon Mousse Inside

Inside you have 10 mass-produced looking chocolates that look completely out of place within the nice packaging. I can just imagine these on a production line with 100,000 others whizzing buy in the time it takes you to wonder why the heck you’re there.

Nestle Gold Le Bonbon Mousse Texture

They taste pretty average as well – almost cakey to be honest but held within woeful milk chocolate that seems that its from the Galaxy end of the naff chocolate market. I just won’t go any further other than to recommend that you don’t buy them if you like top quality, or even medium quality chocolate.

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