Nestlé Gold Éclats de Cacao 64%

My head said “don’t buy it, it’ll be naff”. My heart said “don’t judge these huge beasts of chocolate makers, you might like it”. It tries to be the Grenada Nibalicious – or the other way around in that its a fairly dark bar with cocoa nibs. But I’m actually left thinking it tastes like dry brown toast.

So the packaging is the usual, shiny form that I’m sure you’ve come to expect from Nestle. But what is unusual is the revolutionary was the actual mould itself. It reminded me of a hotel in Hastings, Bermuda that was probably built in the mid 1960’s with some abstract concrete wall with angular holes in. I’m not actually sure which would have tasted better, however.

I just don’t get any chocolate flavour, all I get is some very stale cocoa nibs with a slight alcoholic flavour. It’s essentially, dry and unpleasant. It may be a touch past its best before date, but it shouldn’t really taste like this. Just don’t bother buying it, just go for the Grenada Chocolate Company Nibalicious instead.

That was a quick review, but there’s not much else to say. It’s pretty tasteless.

p.s. I bought it in Portugal.

Lee McCoy

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