Naked Cocoa Orange Premium Fruit & Nut Bar

Whilst I was waiting for my flight back up from Southampton Airport I popped into the one, small shop there and browsed what chocolate ‘delights’ they had and saw this ‘Premium Raw Fruit & Nut Bar’ from Nakd. After munching on it I can only conclude that just as the airport is clean and functional but without much excitement – so is this chocolate.

I didn’t really know what to expect to be honest. Obviously being a fruit and nut bar it isn’t your usual bar of confectionery and that’s further compounded by the fact that it uses raw cacao which gives it the usual slightly metallic flavour. As a snack ‘on the go’ I found it perfectly palatable. There was nothing unpleasant or over-indulgent about it, in fact I found the balance of the fruit and nuts very pleasing – it’s just that there wasn’t much of a cacao flavour and the orange backing isn’t my tone of choice. In fact, looking at their website I see they offer a mint version – which I’ll have to try and find somewhere.

The texture is very soft and pliable. But the odd bite was slightly granular and a touch chewy to consume. To my mind there’s nothing like letting a block of chocolate melt in your melt and not have to work too hard for that endorphins rush. Here you do have to work for your sustenance- unfortunately.

That day travelling back was a very hot day and as such in those poorly stocked airport news newsagents there was a mountain of oily milk chocolate. On my next visit I’ll probably have another and save myself sitting in a cramped plane covered in sticky chocolate – there’s no fun in that if you’re surrounded by 60 strangers.

Where To Buy Nakd Products
  • Various – including Tesco, Waitrose, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons, Asda, Boots, Holland & Barrett and Julian Graves


Quick Rating
  • 67% – not bad but not enough excitement for me. To be honest, it could never match the feeling that awesome dark chocolate gives


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  • Natalie Tate

    Ah i really like these, i eat them loads for a filling snack. I prefer the orange one to the mint one but they do a solo cocoa brownie one which is my favourite :)

  • Victoria Colewood

    I like the touch of chocolate one, I had them as I wanted to eat more healthy snacks rather than cake, etc.! and I think that they support animal aid the charity. But biting into one was like eating an expensive truffle, a delight. Pity that they don’t sell larger boxes for slightly less money per bar though as there are only 4 in a box. Also they don’t have the gingerbread one at my supermarket.