My Perfect Job – Green & Black’s Taste Assistant

Most of my friends say that I have the perfect job as I get send boxes, slabs, blocks, bars and bags of chocolate each week from companies hoping for a good review. Only on the odd occasion does it make a difference in that people take my views and change what they do. As a result there’s a huge element of the professional chocolates tasting process that I’m missing – I normally only ever taste the finished production. Only on a couple of occasions have I tried chocolate before launch and it’s this iterative situation of making chocolate, testing it and working out how to improve it that I yearn for. And for some lucky person (why can’t it be me?) they’ll have a chance to become a piece of Green & Blacks and play a part in striving to create the best organic and ethically produced chocolate Green & Blacks can. It’s a tough job to make chocolate that is original, able to be produced in large quantities, marketable and profitable – and that lucky person will be in a position to contribute to Green & Blacks future success.

At the moment Green & Blacks do produce chocolate with the classic flavours of milk, caramel espresso, almond, ginger etc., but I get the impression they’d like to step further out from ‘the norm’ and try and be a bit more adventurous so that’s why, I believe, they want to bring in some new blood and help them create flavour combinations that will inspire a new breed of Green & Blacks chocolate lovers.

But, do you have what it takes? Are you similarly passionate about food in general (I’m always planning my meal) and for chocolate in particular (do you search out chocolate from around the world and willing to try weird stuff just because it has chocolate in it?) And are you based in/near London and willing to move down to the South East if you’re not? Are you able to travel freely within the UK, Europe and North America? I don’t know the salary they’re offering, but how much does it really matter – you’ll be paid for eating chocolate?! But hurry, applications close on 14th December 2010!

The video above explains a bit more, or click here for more details.

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