My Chocolate Bar Lemon Truffles

One of the great mysteries of the modern age is what’s happened to the My Chocolate Bar range of truffles? Their website constantly changes, along with it the option to buy online. A month or so ago I bought these lemon truffles, but now, regardless of how good they are, you’ll have to stumble upon their chocolates via a number of stockists – which also I can’t find online.

As you can’t buy these truffles anywhere now, I’ll just do a quick review. In the bag which I paid £4.99 for you’ll get eight of these rectangular truffles. When I was munching on them I thought there was an ever-so slight boozy edge. On inspection I found out Limoncello was used alongside pure lemon oil. The flavour could so easily be excessive. However, the guys there have managed to keep it in check and perfectly balanced with the cream, butter and milk fat. As you can tell, they’re very rich – and that’s certainly no bad thing.

Although I did prefer many of their other truffles instead, I did find these pleasantly cleansing and soft. They’re certainly enjoyable and perfect for summer, but I’d suggest getting their other truffles if you can find them.

It’s a great shame that they’re not available online as they’re the company that provided us with our wedding favours when we got married. But that’s the world of chocolate for you.

Lee McCoy

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