Mulled Berry Chocolate From Berry Scrumptious

Mulled Berry chocolate

After trying the Strawberry and Black Pepper dark chocolate pieces Claire thought I’d like some seasonal chocolate and duly posted me some Mulled Berry Chocolate. It seems most of the Berry Scrumptious chocolate comes in these see through bags and I think they’re incredibly handy and is a darn sight less wasteful than the card or paper wrappers. The only problem is that for someone with relatively large hands as myself they’re not so easy to eat whilst watching a film or TV as you need both hands to conduct the process of selecting a piece and then cracking it into the right size to fit in my mouth. It’s a small issue, and one I can live with.

Mulled Berry Chocolate From Berry Scrumptious Texture

The aroma was a heady Christmas mix of cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves and orange and was brought back memories of country pub surrounded in the snow drinking mulled wine which is probably the sort of ethereal object the chocolate has.

Mulled Berry chocolate

Taste wise it was a touch more subdued experience and somewhat less provocative. But on reflection I think it’s to the benefit of the chocolate as it acts as a backdrop to a Christmassy moment rather than the focus of it. I’d certainly think it would be a great chocolate to sit back with some actual mulled wine and watch What A Wonderful Life.

Whilst I was enjoying the chocolate a random song came on: Buachaill on Eirne by Clannad which sums the chocolate up well. It won’t get you up and do a merry jig, but it will give you an added Christmassy layer to the festivities. And for just £2.95 you’ve got to be mad not to give some a go!

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