Mrs Crimble’s Large Chocolate Macaroons

As a child Saturday night was dark chocolate night. Whilst at 3:30pm every week day was a time for getting home as fast as I could, get a peanut butter and jam sandwich and then raid the cookie jar. It’s probably why I wasn’t the most athletic child and the reason why I was selected to play hooker in the school rugby team instead of one of those pacey, leggy people at the back? So I’ve always loved biscuits, but the roles have been reversed for me as I consume far more dark chocolate than I do biscuits. Trying to restore that balance somewhat I agreed for the lovely Emily representing Mrs Crimbles to send me some of their new chocolate Macaroons which are like biscuits, but not.

Originally macaroons were made from ground almonds but here we have them made with decimated coconut. This is a touch strange as almonds also provide the gluten-free characteristic which these macaroons are promoted with. Even though I’ve always loved almonds and has taken me my entire life to enjoy coconut I still found these treats wonderful.

I believe I have an intolerance of gluten, I always feel drowsy after having a lot of bread or pastry so this was another reason to see what these alternatives to biscuits are like. My usual test is “could I eat a whole packet of them” – which I’ve frequently done in the past. Well, I don’t think I could with these. The main ingredient is sugar with the second being coconut at 27% and then glucose syrup third and they taste suitably sweet.

The vast majority of us crave a sweet fix about 4pm in the day as we start to flag at work and I know these would serve the purpose incredibly well, but I don’t think they could be a mindless treat that you’d get to the bottom of without noticing – they’re far too flavoursome for that. Part of the reasoning I suppose is behind that is the absence of salt. I’m no dietary expert, but I feel it is the salt in many biscuits that gives them the addictive “qualities”. And this is another advantage, not only are they gluten-free, and as far as I can see is that they’re free of salt too.

If you think logically, as they are sweet, I’m sure you’ll be inclined to consume fewer at one go. That’s the theory anyway. In a completely unscientific test, I’ll leave the remaining four macaroons next to the three new gossip magazines for my wife to get home from work and see how long it takes for her to consume them. She loves coconut so I’m sure that’ll be a good way of judging them.

I liked them. And if I was ever diagnosed as having a gluten intolerance, I’d surely make sure they were a regular feature of my cookie cupboard ready for a Sunday afternoon cuppa whilst watching another showing of The Goonies!

But what I’m still unsure of, are Macaroons cakes or biscuits? I’m sure that depends if you’re trying not to pay VAT on them much in the same way as Jaffa Cakes. But, seeing as I consume them in the same way as biscuits, I’m going with that (but don’t tell HMRC!)

But at £1.49, they’re a real bargain. I purposely didn’t look at the price whilst reviewing them, but did expect them to be at least £1.99 and closer to £2.29!

Where To Buy These Chocolate Macaroons
  • Various places – in the UK you can by these ones in Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Waitrose, Co-op, Asda, Morrisons, Spar, Budgens, Londis, Nisa, Holland & Barrety, and Simply Free.

  • 70% – loved them, but don’t make me eat any more, I’ve got a pizza in the oven and I don’t want it to go to waste!

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