Mrs Crimbles Double Choc Brownies

Over the years I’ve reviewed some hugely indulgent chocolate brownies such as the Paul A. Young‘s Salted Caramel Pecan brownie which was great, but life full of such decadence isn’t something I’d recommend for someone with a sensitive system as I have! So are there any brownies that someone with celiac disease can enjoy without feeling a bit on the dodgy side afterward? Well thankfully Mrs Crimbles have now launched some Double Choc Brownies that are gluten free as well as dairy free. And they’re actually very nice.

Of course when I’m reviewing “free from” chocolate products I have to account for the fact that often this may mean that there are compromises that have had to be made. However, even though these brownies are gluten free and come across as far less indulgent than those I’ve raved about in the past, these are still give a delightful chocolate flavour and are  rather pleasant.

Any chocolate brownie with the consistency that you’ll see the judges on The Great British Bake Off demand would mean that they would have an incredibly short shelf-life. In the real world where bakeries need to retail their products into shops with a long supply chain or low sales volumes, you’ll need to make them less moist. But what they lose on texture they make up for with an interesting flavour and a crunch from delightful chunks of chocolate which appear in random bites.

There may be some ingredients listed that I’ve not heard of before which are probably preservatives, but nothing unusual comes across in the taste which offers a consistent, mild chocolate flavour throughout.

Whether you’ll part with £1.69 (RRP) for these four brownies spend inordinately more something more gooey is your call, but at this price I’d say they’re great value if you feel you don’t get on well with gluten. And doing an internet search they seem to be sold everywhere (including my friend’s site: Gluten Free Food Products)

Where To Buy These Double Choc Wheat & Dairy Free
  • Tesco, Waitrose, Ocado for £1.50, Asda is currently out of stock and Sainsbury’s don’t sell them.


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