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Mothers Day Chocolates To Buy Online

Choosing Mother’s Day Chocolates can be more difficult that choosing Valentine’s Chocolates for your wife as girlfriend as you can always cope with the pressure of getting those wrong. But when choosing for your mother it seems more crucial to get them right.

There are a few things to think about. Do you want to buy chocolates that come with wine or chocolates that come with flowers? Do you need to buy diabetic chocolates, chocolates for people with allergies? Do they like white chocolate, dark chocolate or milk chocolate? Do they like luxury chocolate or mass market chocolate? Are you going to get them a chocolate hamper? Phew! Are you exhausted yet? Well here’s some ideas:
Mother’s Day Chocolate Selection Boxes
Hotel Chocolate Mother's Day Selection BoxHotel Chocolat have some fantastic selection boxes for Mother’s Day, but it’s this one that stands out for me. I’ve tried their Valentine’s Selection Box which was fantastic so I know what the quality and variety is like and it should be perfect for Mother’s Day. They’ve also got The Signature collection which has 48 chocolates and costs £48 – and if you wanted to spend less, they also have one with 24 chocolates in for £25. And if you wanted to spend even less then you could get the Mother’s Day Concierge Bag which is a bag, slightly smaller than A4 that has a Goddess Photo Frame In, a box of 6 chocolates and a chocolate heart – all for £15.

Thorntons Mother's Day Selection BoxThis Spring selection box from Thorntons is outstanding value at £11.99 considering you get 24 continental hearts so if you’re looking for outstanding value for money then you should consider these. You could also try there Champagne Truffles Collection which costs just £15 or the personalised Mother’s Day Chocolates – Alphabet Truffles from just £14.50. Chocomail sell something similar too. At the moment most of their chocolates seem to come with either flowers or wine, so there’s little selection if you just wanted a box of chocolates.

Chocolate Trading Company Selection BoxThe Chocolate Trading Company focus primarily on luxury chocolates but they do have some more affordable ones such as this box of 12 chocolates for £12.99. This one is a mixed box of white, dark and milk chocolate, but they also do a mostly milk or mostly dark ones too. And if you wanted to upscale to 24 or 36 chocolates then you can do that as well. If you wanted to get some Mother’s Day chocolates that utterly fantastic then go for their Chocolate Ballotins.

Green & Blacks Mother's Day ChocolateGreen & Blacks do an interesting range of Mother’s Day chocolates, most of them come in the form of a selection of their flavoured bars, but you can also get some that come with hot chocolate or wine. They’re not the cheapest that you’ll find on the internet, but if you mother is a big fan of Green & Blacks already then this is the obvious place to start.

There are some alternatives too. Montezuma’s should be extending their Mother’s day chocolates range.

Melt Mother's Day ChocolatesIf you really wanted to impress your mother than you can go down the Melt Chocolates route who have some fabulous Mother’s Day chocolates. They are luxury chocolates, they are expensive, but if you wanted to impress your mother then this is the way to go.

And if you did want to be a bit different then try the Paul A. Young chocolate brownies! Great value if you live in London and can either get them delivered via Hubbub or can visit his stores.

And while we’re at it, why don’t you bag your mother some smellies. This perfume site will help you choose (I wouldn’t know where to start!)

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