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Located in Brighton, Great Britain, Montezuma’s was founded in 2000 by Simon and Helen Pattinson. The two ex-lawyers started their small shop in Brighton with one small machine and a dream to produce some of the world’s finest chocolate. The name is named after the Aztec Emperor, Montezuma, because of the ruler’s love for chocolatl, a drink made from chocolate

Chocolate’s Beginnings

Traditionally, it has been thought that the making of chocolate dates back as far as 460AD to modern day Guatemala. However, it has recently been discovered that early Mayan civilisations may have been preparing chocolate liquids from the cocoa bean as early as 600BC. [Also see The History of Chocolate Videos]

The History of Montezuma

In the early part of the 14th century, Montezuma II was the ruler of the Aztec empire that covered the region between southern and central Mexico. Cocoa beans were used by the Aztecs in numerous ceremonies, as currency, and consumed primarily in a drink called chocolatl. The renowned Aztec Emperor is said to have consumed around 50 mugs of this drink a day. When Hernan Cortez led Spanish conquistadors into the Aztec capital of Tenochtitlan, he was assumed to be the god they had been waiting for and presented with numerous valuable gifts. Chocolatl, a highly prized drink made from chocolate, was among these fine gifts. As a result of this delicious discovery, chocolate was introduced into Europe when Cortez took it back to Spain with him. When it was realized that Cortez was not a god, the Aztecs stoned their Emperor to death.

Montezuma’s Chocolate Bars

Montezuma’s chocolate bars are available in a large variety of delicious flavours. Besides the traditional dark, milk and white chocolate bars, the varieties include:
Chilli and Lime—An organic milk chocolate bar with subtle lime flavours and spicy undertones.
Dark Side—An organic creamy milk chocolate bar with butterscotch
Orange and Geranium—An organic dark chocolate with hints of orange and floral undertones.
Peppermint and Vanilla—A sweet organic milk chocolate bar with a twist of peppermint flavour.
Nutmeg—An organic milk chocolate with a touch of nutmeg
Chilli—An organic dark chocolate with a spicy tone.
White Chocolate & Cinnamon – an unusual bar with strange, sweet taste.
Single Origin Bars—The 4 single origin bars include cocoa from Peru, Venezuela, Equador and Papua New Guinea.

Other Montezuma’s Chocolate

Montezuma’s also produces a number of delicious truffles available in a variety of collections including the Champagne Collection, the Dark Collection and the Milk Collection. In addition, the company offers a variety of wedding favours and chocolate gifts such as organic Valentine’s chocolates.

Buy Montezuma’s Chocolates Online With Quick Delivery By Post

You can get the full range of Montezuma’s chocolates online direct from the Montezuma’s store.

Montezuma’s Voucher Codes

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  • HJ

    Montezuma’s Secret Squirrel truffles are the best! They have a shop near where I work in Winchester and I have to resist going there all the time :P

    • ahh I don’t think I’ve tried them. I’ve just had a box of truffles arrive – but they only include the yeast ones, tiger tiger and another :-(

  • Montezuma’s seem to have come a long way in the past few years. Their chocolate bars have improved a lot and the selection of truffles is much broader, as well as vegan friendly. I’ve written a summary blog post for anyone who wishes to buy Montezuma’s chocolate in UK :)