Montezuma’s Vegan and Organic Chocolate Selection

My mission, should I choose to accept it is to find out if this Montezuma’s vegan and organic selection box can compare favourably with some of the world’s finest truffles – given that there’s no cream involved.

The nightmare I have is that although the menu card is very artistic with a beautiful drawings of the four flavours of truffle, it was actually very difficult, at first, to work which was which – other than the ‘quick fix’ which had piping on it.

Having to jump straight in, the first I tried was the Crème de cacao which was fairly dry but with a strangely pleasant, earthy flavour with a hint of sweetness. At first I was disappointed, but after another half I actually quite liked its ‘flatness’ and unpretentiousness. It had more of a ‘natural’ characteristic than the other rich truffles of I tried in the past. I’d still go for rich and creamy over ‘good for you’, but this one would be a nice alternative for when I feel I need a treat, but not the sin that went with it.

The ‘quick fix’ was next. This was very much similar to the first, but was adulterated by strong coffee. I found this one a touch bitterer than the others with the coffee acidity hitting my inner cheeks. I do love espresso chocolate, especially the Artisan du Chocolat bar, but this truffle just had something missing. I suppose it had that black coffee feel to it which I don’t like. It’s the lack of dairy that I feel softens the bitterness which is missed here. The caffeine hit was there, but it needed balancing to my mind.

Next up was the ‘sunrise’ which again very similar to the first, but actually had a nice, muted orange flavour which just lifted the truffle out of the ordinary. There may not have been anything jaw-droopingly special about it, but it was still very pleasant and one that I could most definitely eat a good number of in an evening.

The ‘hot lips’ looked like something you’d watch a beetle push up a hill in a David Attenborough show but was, again, very pleasant. The first flavour that came through was the coconut which had a delicious sweet flavour and then the chilli pushes through and hits the back of the throat. Even though it wasn’t exactly rich and a touch granular, I did enjoy it.

Overall, they were far better than I expected. The lack of dairy does, in my opinion, make them less enjoyable. On the flip-side, however, I would be able to consume far more of these in an evening in this vegan format than if they were creamy – there are small mercies.

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  • 65% – nice, but give me the ‘bad for you’ stuff any day!

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