Montezumas- Valentine’s Chocolate With a Healthy Dose of Cute!

No matter who you are shopping for this Valentine’s Day, it’s likely that you will quickly become overwhelmed with how many options are on the market when it comes to chocolates. Chocolate covers a huge part of the gift-giving market when it comes to Valentine’s gifts. However, what chocolate should you choose? Do you have kids on your list, friends or just an extra-special significant other? Whatever your list looks like, if you’re looking for gifts with a heavy dose of cuteness, the British chocolatier Montezumas has plenty to offer.

Cute Chocolates for Big and Small
While many people turn to the cute for kids, there is plenty of room for childlike charm for adults as well. excels at cute, offering several chocolates that fit the bill. Starting at three pounds, one of the most affordable options is the Dotty About You hearts the company makes. Whether your loved one likes milk or dark chocolate, there is a dotty heart that is sure to please. If hearts aren’t what you had in mind, kick the cute up a notch and take a look at the white or chocolate teddy bears. These bears are not only darling, but have plenty of eating pleasure due to their large size. Finally, both girls and boys like to experience quality chocolate and caters to the individual tastes of either gender, with specially-designed gift sets for both boys and girls. For girls, chocolates with names like dollops and buttons get plenty of attention, while the boys’ set is full of delicious bars. For loved ones with a do-it-yourself flair, the cookie craft jar might be a good choice.

Gift Packs to Impress
Of course, while cute gets a lot of press at Montezumas , there is also several items that kick the class up a notch, perfectly melding sophistication with cuteness. The Dotty About You line that gets such attention in smaller quantities shines in the gift hamper of the same name. A dotty heart, of course, begins the assortment, which is filled out with truffles and a chocolate bar studded with fruit and nuts. If your lover is a fan of truffles, you can buy a boxed set that holds nothing else. For a connoisseur that wants to fully explore the chocolate flavors this brand offers, a dozen variously flavored bars give them just the right mix to celebrate the big day. Nothing in the Valentine’s line is particularly expensive, so go all out this Valentine’s Day.

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