Montezuma’s Peanut Butter Truffles

What’s your comfort food? Mine, for what it’s worth, are toasted crumpets with lashings of peanut butter. It’d certainly would be one ten items I’d take on a desert island, along with a toaster of course. But when it comes to peanut butter and chocolate I feel I’ve been mentally scared from my experience with Reese’s Cups – they were just plain revolting (you’ll probably disagree of course). In a recent dialogue about the suitability of peanut butter as a flavouring for chocolate I had completely forgot about the Peanut Butter and Raspberry Jam Bon bon from Melt which was damn fine. So surely it would be reasonable from this new one from Montezuma’s to be similarly polarising. Well, it was, sort of.

For your £4.79 you’ll get sixteen of these pointed domes – all made with 43% GM-free milk chocolate which was actually pretty thick and inside what seems like ‘home’ made peanut butter. Cutting to the chase, they’re actually pretty nice. With these they actually taste of peanuts and not just oil and salt as was the case with the Reese’s. These are a world away from that artificial-tasting salt-fest.

I still don’t think I could ‘pop’ these like Minstrels, because there is still that saltiness, but with it there is a luscious, creamy milk chocolate to mute any of that sodium chloride. The texture is also a massive step forward. The oil is lacking, it’s much drier and closer to a praline than a fry up. But I’m still thinking, after I’ve consumed about half a dozen, that I’d still much prefer a healthy dose of Marc’s ganaches. But seeing as a change is as good as a rest, I’d certainly have some more of them – they do get a thumbs up from me.

So I was wrong, and that’s what food reviewing is all about. I think if ever do see peanut butter chocolate in the future, I won’t turn my nose up, but check out who’s actually made them, and take the decision from there.

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Quick Rating:
  • 67% – nice but I still don’t get the buzz I do from most other truffles


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  • Perhaps the next step is to experiment with making some? :) Glad you found something to change your opinion. x