Montezuma’s Lime Pickle

White Chocolate Mango, Lime and Chilli

If you ever wanted an example of why some products should never be presented in clear packaging this is it. And by the same token, if you ever wanted to see why you shouldn’t always ‘consume food’ with your eyes first – this is it.

Being a huge fan of Indian food, and lime pickle in particular, I was very much looking forward to trying out these fruity and organic treats which Montezuma’s have cryptically called “Lime Pickle”. Although my first thought on removing them from the packaging was of pure horror – I ended up viewing them as the most gorgeous white chocolate product I’ve ever tried!

I’m the worst culprit for prejudging food by its visual appearance. And that’s exactly what I did with these as I instantly saw them as some novelty chocolate gift – as some white fish tails coated in white chocolate that should be found in some back street of Hong Kong. When my brain had time to process the visual and aromatic information I realised they were some sort of dried fruit coated in the sweet stuff and having checked the packaging my guesswork was proved correct.

What you’ll find if you spend the £6.49 at Montezuma’s are six discs, about 10cm by 5cm which are made up of slices of dried mango which partially have a special coating of white chocolate laced with lime and chilli. If you can imagine those mild and sweet flavours of the mango with the white chocolate being shot through with the sharp flavours of the lime and chilli then you’re half way to realising how wonderful these are.

Of course, I’m generally not a fan of white chocolate as I find it either too sweet or too bland – but when mixed with the lime it gives it a kind of Margarita quality. This sharp flavour doesn’t over-power but lovingly satisfies your taste buds and lets the chilli slowly take centre-stage with an intensity that ever-so gently ‘burns’ the back of your throat – nothing on the scale of the South Devon Chilli Farm Bar or the Pleasure and Pain chilli chocolate, but something significantly more seductive.

As you can imagine, they’re incredibly chewy. So if you don’t like working for the sweet pleasure then these aren’t for you. But if you prefer a longer-lasting indulgence then your effort will be very much rewarded. I know the price of £6.95 they may price some people out of the market – but they really are that good!

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