Montezuma’s Dark Chocolate Advent Calendar

Dark chocolate lovers are hard done by when it comes to advent calendars and whimsical seasonal chocolates in general. This year there is one fewer company to choose from when it comes to this variety of advent calendar as Divine are no longer offering one. And if you were in search for an organic chocolate advent calendar then you’re faced with an even more difficult task. Thankfully the much maligned Montezuma’s have kept producing seasonal chocolates in this vein.

One thing I don’t like about advent calendars is the price of them. Seemingly they’re either given away for next to nothing in the supermarkets to get people in, or they’re very expensive as in the case of Hotel Chocolat who are charging £17 this year for their’s. Thankfully, again, Montezuma’s are offering a reasonably priced and relatively tasty advent calendar.

For one penny short of a tenner you could get your loved-one a fairly weighty seasonal treat. This one is 240g compared to the 175g from Hotel Chocolat and the visuals are significantly different. Montezuma’s align the design with the organic contents with an understated, red and hessian style appearance. Minimal and sophisticated it may be, but there’s definitely a place for it in this market. As a child I always used to get the non-expensive advent calendars which usually had a much larger door 24 than the others, but not in this case. Here, every door is the same size and given equal weight, which I feel is a bit disappointing – on Christmas Eve its great to know there’s no more work and tomorrow is Christmas Day.

Those doors are fairly small too with the chocolate behind being just fractionally smaller – this leads to a very difficult extraction. This is further compounded by the fact that each cube of dark chocolate is 1.5cm deep which means you have you have a hard job manoeuvring it out of the plastic casing. The upside of this is that it’s a great deal more substantial than most chocolate advent calendars – most of which are thin, shallow and almost not worth the effort – you most certainly couldn’t label this calendar as such.

The chocolate certainly does have an organic aroma and a flavour to match. It definitely does have an acidic edge but the sugar is more prominent than I’d like. The vanilla is also noticeable too and, for me at least distracts from the experience.

It’s certainly the best dark chocolate advent calendar I’ve tried, but still very much short of the quality I crave. I’d just love a calendar from Pralus where you get a different origin behind each door. Alas, I’ll have to settle for this one.

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Quick Review:
  • 68% – next year can someone make a truly outstanding dark chocolate advent calendar?

Dietary Information:
  • Organic, gluten free, almost suitable for vegans as their may be traces of dairy, it doesn’t have any preservatives and its GM free.

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