Montezuma’s Christmas Hot Drinking Chocolate

Montezuma's Christmas Hot Chocolate

When it’s cold I find there’s nothing better to do than make yourself a hot mug of milky chocolate. So as the temperatures dropped ever lower there was nothing for me to do than try another brand of hot drinking chocolate. As Montezuma’s had a 20% sale on I thought it’d be a good idea to try their Christmas drinking chocolate mix.

Montezuma's Christmas Hot Drinking Chocolate

I loved the look of the shards of the 54% organic dark chocolate as they came in a brick form, securely wrapped in cellophane. When you open it up there were fantastic looking large pieces of chocolate that you just knew would look delightful whizzing around the mug as they melted.

Montezuma's Christmas Hot Chocolate

I’ve seen so many people rave about their, and other people’s hot chocolate, some people add various spices or alcoholic ingredients to spice their offering up and here Montezuma’s have improved on the traditional hot chocolate mix with nutmeg and cinnamon. This may not sound too special or unusual, but you just can’t beat those classic Christmas flavours, and I thought it was pretty damn good – but not jaw-droppingly fantastic. Perhaps it’s because I used skimmed milk? Or I didn’t put enough mix in? The instructions said three to four tablespoons and I put the four in. Perhaps it’s because I let it cool too long whilst taking the photos? I don’t know what. But I’ll try it again super-hot with semi-skimmed milk and see how it changes.

Montezuma's Christmas Hot Chocolate

Don’t get me wrong, there was nothing wrong about it, it’s just there wasn’t a “wow-factor” that I’d hoped for. And another thing, I only bought this last month and it looks like they’ve sold out already. Hopefully they’ll have some more in soon!

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  • Rating: 67% – I need wow factor when its cold.

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  • Hey Lee,
    Did you ever try the Beck’s Cacao?
    My favorite, is the Chill Bill: 50% cacao with some seasalt.
    But for the moment I take the Hot Winter.( Selling in our store now.)
    Just have a look at the website of Michael Beck.