Montezumas Organic Milk Chocolate Buttons

The truth is that I’ve had these milk chocolate buttons from Montezuma’s since last Halloween when I got one of their hampers. But it’s great to see that they’re still selling them as I feel that many parents who like to introduce their children to organic foods would be interested in buying them.

There’s nothing immanently exciting about the packaging. It’s black and yellow and functional. But that’s the same with most of the Montezuma’s packaging – simplicity seems to be the key. But I do wonder how “sexing” the brand up a bit might enhance sales. But for £2.79 you do get a good number of the buttons as they collectively weight 180g which makes them reasonably priced.

These buttons were always going to be compared to the Hotel Chocolat Vintage Buttons as I found them incredibly moreish. Interestingly they had the very similar flavour in that both had a slight “honey” edge. With the Hotel Chocolat version that was certainly more prominent, but with these it was somewhat muted. Instead there was a more dry ‘agricultural’ flavour that wasn’t distracting, but seems to have replaced some nice sweet flavours. And that’s a shame.

The level of cocoa solids is certainly respectable at 34% with a minimum 22.5% milk solids and parents may appreciate that there’s less sugar in these than the big name chocolate button manufacturers. They’d probably also appreciate that they’re also suitable for vegans and vegetarians as well as those seeking a gluten free diet. What’s more, they’re also free from GM, colouring preservatives and has a GB Organic certification of 5 from the Soil Association.

Overall I found the buttons pleasant, but not awe-inspiring. Which is a shame.

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  • Rpm

    Ahhh, if something has 22.5% milk solids, how can it be suitable for vegans?