Moko Chocolates Enters The Chocolates By Post Market

Moko ChocolatesSo we have another entrant into the chocolates by post space with the launch of Moko chocolates which is a spin-off company from Bunches the florist and comes after a number of recent launches with branding aimed firmly at the female market. Whilst other online chocolate shops seem to be very much focused on buying chocolates for yourself and make it easy for you to buy chocolate gifts for others, Moko seems to focus squarely on buying chocolates for others – presumably focusing primarily on the seasonal sales periods of Valentine’s Day, Easter, Mother’s Day and Christmas?

One concept I do like, however, is the delivery price being built into the price of the chocolates. I frequently put chocolate into my “basket” and when I get to the checkout run a mile as I see how much it’ll cost me to get them delivered. Hopefully others will respond positively to this aspect.

Another feature is that they offer a 10% voucher code if you signup to their newsletter. Now they’ve probably got a great deal of experience with voucher codes with their Bunches operation so I expect them to be fully aware of the advantages and disadvantages of voucher codes when used by affiliates … it can be an absolute nightmare for online retailers.

But what about the prices? For two bags of chocolate truffles they cost £14.99 including delivery which isn’t too bad. But it all depends on the quality of them. Hopefully the nice people at Moko will send over a sample to review? They also do milk chocolate slection boxes of various sizes, orangettes, dark chocolate selection boxes and the ability to mix and match bags of chocolates to get to the £14.99 including delivery price point.

They also state that they give 10% of their profits to a range of projects, but I’d like a list of them to be displayed so people can see how much the charities resonate with them – and also there’s a missing image on that page.

At the moment I feel the product range is a touch too slim to take on the likes of Hotel Chocolat, which I expect is their main target? But if the current range is fantastic, then that won’t matter.

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