Cadbury Mint Crisp After Dinner Bites

I don’t often finish off one of these mass-produced mini cakes with the desire to finish the entire packet off as quickly as I can, but with these Cadbury Mint Crisp After Dinner Bites I’m left wanting more. They’re absolutely fantastic. I don’t know how much they were, but I think I bought them from Asda for about £1.50. However, what I do know is that its money very well spent.

These things are mini mint cake things with mint creme and mint flavoured crisp pieces and you can buy them in boxes of 15 and are “perfect for sharing”. I disagree, they’re perfect for keeping them to yourself! I’m going to try and keep the remaining few for my wife but I’m sure I’ll give in and finish them off in the next 3 hours.

The cake part is very nice and light but its the creme filling that gives it a nice sweet and rich flavour whilst the green crispy parts also add another dimension. The flavours aren’t complex, convoluted or restrained. The mint aspect is strong, and, when mixed with the sweetness of the creme really is a powerful combination. But, one that shouldn’t be missed.

If you’re in the supermarket anytime soon and looking for a Christmas cake treat, then pop a box or two in your shopping basket and give them a try!


Taste: 90% – I know I shouldn’t rate something as unsophisticated as these mini chocolate cakes, but they were wonderful!

Texture: 90% – the softness of the cake, the moistness of the creme and the crunchiness of the mint pieces all work very well together!

Appearance: 80% – Cadbury always do a great job with their packaging. I was a little annoyed that they managed to fly around in the box and weren’t where they should be, but that’s just being over-critical.

Nutritional Information: 90% – as per usual they give impressive amounts of nutritional information.

Price: 85% – just from the top of my head I think they’re great value.

Overall: 87% – bootiful!

Lee McCoy

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