Mint Aero Christmas Tree

Mint Aero Christmas Tree

My guilty secret is that I’m a massive mint Aero fan so when popping into my local Tesco today I noticed they had a range of small Christmas chocolates on sale at 65p each or £1 for two. Being one that likes to be “ahead of the curve” I just couldn’t resist buying a few of them. The first to get my attention is this Mint Aero shaped Christmas tree.

Of course it’s made from the usual Nestle 25% milk chocolate shell and the fabulously sweet, bubbly centre. I had to do a bit of math to work out how much each weighs and I worked it out to be just 27g each. Even though you’ll get 146 calories for those 27g – they’re well worth it! I know its mass-produced confectionary from a company that may not have the best ethical standards, but I just love it.

It’s very sweet, very sharp and incredibly moreish. If you love the traditional Mint Aeros then you’re going to absolutely love this in a Christmas tree shape. What’s more, at 50p each they’re not too bad value and Father Christmas (when he arrives) could fill out some space in those Christmas stockings with these should he wish?

Confectionary Rating:
  • 65%
Where To Buy This Mint Aero Christmas Tree
  • All supermarkets I expect, but I bought it from Tesco


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