Mini Chocolate Pizzas

Small Chocolate Pizzas

I have so many guilty pleasures it’s really not a good idea to be a chocolate reviewer. One of those secret pleasures are chocolate pizzas which I first became addicted to over a year ago with the 7″ one and latterly the Honeycomb & Marshmallow pizza and for some strange reason they just hit the spot. I know they’re not ‘gourmet’ in the traditional sense of the word but anything that gives this much pleasure can call itself what it likes. One thing I do know is that these pizzas are my wife’s favourite chocolate treat so I’m sure many others will like them too.

Centre of the small chocolate pizzas

The Gourmet Chocolate Pizza company sell these three little chocolate pizzas for £10 as stocking fillers along other interesting stuff like a festive chocolate Christmas tree, chocolate popcorn (which I’d love to review ;-) ), hot chocolate and a design your own chocolate pizza kit. Of course, 3.5″ pizzas aren’t very large, but if you think of the amount of other calorific food we’ll be consuming over the festive period it’s great that there’s a natural break that forces you from consuming far too much chocolate – when you’ve finished your first. You see, these pizzas are far too enjoyable that you’ll probably not know when to stop.

Close up of the chocolate pizza

I think 3.5″ is just enough of a chocolate pizza to keep you going, however, knowing which to start with first may be a problem as there’s a Crunchy Munchy, a rainbow one and a Jelly Bean Jumble. But with all of them you’ll get sweet milk chocolate that is rich and creamy and just what most loved ones or children would appreciate.

If you’ve got three children then this triple pack would be a good way of getting them a cost-effective stocking filler. But even better, if you had just two children you could save one for yourself so you can hide away when everyone has tired themselves out and just gobble the lot to yourself. Just remember that when you’re thinking about having another couple of roasties at Christmas dinner – save yourself some room for the chocolate pizza!

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