Milky Way Midnight Dark

Ahh, The Milky Way. Who doesn’t remember them? Well I used to walk what seemed like miles to get my chocolate, and the plain version of the Milky Way was one of them I’d choose. But this is the dark chocolate, American version. And compared to some chocolate bars I’ve reviewed recently, its positively divine!

It might not be as sweet as I remember, and have slightly more of a bitter caramel taste, but to me its just a case of the memories flooding back. Perhaps its because I’m listening to Snow Patrol, Chasing Cars, but this is a chocolate bar full of nostalgia!

There are definitely much finer chocolate bars out there. But that shouldn’t frighten you from trying this dark chocolate bar if you get the chance.


Taste: 60% – not as good as the memories, but good enough.

Texture: 80% – how can I fault it? It’s supposed to be slightly gooey and sticky.

Appearance: 60% – its not the best looking chocolate bar of all time!

Price: 70% – it cost me $2 Barbados, so I think that’s about 70p – perfectly acceptable.

Nutritional Information: 85% – there’s enough on the packaging, and enough on their website.

Overall: 71% – not the most rational of scores, but do you mind?

Lee McCoy

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